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Arizona Bite Me

The Arizona Bite Me flag was a hit.  The marchers were greeted by it when
they arrived and it was also used as a silent response when they got particularly obnoxious. I recommend it.
9th District Court AP photo
See Rick Otman's report on first day of SB1070 appeal in San Francisco

Rick Oltman got a lot of attention with his Bite Me flag, including being photographed by the Associated Press, (below). If you want a similar flag or other items with that cool design, definitely check out Arizona Bite Me for the real stuff.    
AP photo AP photo
See V Dare blog @

LIP SERVICE HYPE .... I have to laugh at Patriotic Flags with their 'paid advertisement' for a counterfeit  "Limited Edition BITE ME Gadsden Flags" from the imfamous Georgia flag bootlegger... They are no where near "Limited Edition" or a "Special Edition"... they are cheap bootlegs.... Arizona BITE ME has a thousand Original High Quality BITE ME flags available for immediate shipment. You can be the first in your person in your town to own the $2 flag copy if you like, mistakes and all!
Mention 'Patriot Flag Bootleg' in your order comment and receive a free ABM gift with your order!



"Cheap" I was very disappointed with this flag. It was far thinner than I had anticipated it being, I could see through it even indoors. I was expecting it to be thick, like a shirt, not even close. It is the same quality as the sub-$10 flags.
Our flags are 200D double weave Polyester which is equivalent to nylon in wear and strength. Contact us and we'll see what we can do about getting you a real flag. Thanks ABM
Thanks for the new Tshirt! The one I bought on xXxx auction from other seller was bad. paint started coming off first time I washed it. Thought you were the other seller but youre not. you guys are OK! JT Calif.
JT that was not one of our shirts as I explained. I would go back to the seller and let them know. Ours are not 'painted' on, but a 4 process silk screen. Glad you liked the new one. ABM
There's a guy in Chicago that has a bunch of stuff with the Arizona Gadsden design calling it a unique and exclusive original design but there is nothing Unique or Exclusive about the "Arizona Gadsden" by the Chicago parkbench dude.
It looks a bastardization of your design. They didn't have any flags but a bunch of other stuff like shirts and stickers.  Just wanted to let you guys know it's on the web here  (website removed to avoid embarrassment of vendor)
J.F. Cleveland Ohio
Thanks for the heads up. Yes, we've seen it... another coat tail rider and they claim that 'it looks better'? Yes, it does look better, on a dogs butt as they advertise... It is far from a licensed Original BITE ME product. Another wannabe that can BITE ME.... lol... ABM
Harleydude AZ

I'm a strong supporter of all things Arizona. Been flying the state flag out front for a long time as well as on the front bumpers of both of my vehicles.
(Wife & I wanting to move to Wilcox for years)
Anyway... we'll be buying what we can when we can.
Right now spare $ have been going to Sheriff Joe's re-election fund.
Happy trails... We'll be in touch.
Thanks for the support! ABM
God Bless what you are doing!! Having lost our jobs we are unable at the moment to order anything but my husband said the first thing we are going to buy when we have some extra cash is the BITE ME flag to hang with our American flag. 
We live in southern Indiana and we have kept up with the news there and our hearts and prayers go out to you. Mostly our thanks for being the strong people you are, we need more like you, ones who aren't afraid to stand up and speak out, who aren't afraid of this so called government of the people, for the people. Bull frickin Chit.
Those days with this administration are gone. But if the American people don't wake up now they are not going to believe the nightmare they are leaving to their children and grandchilden.Thanks for the work you do!

Marie - Southern Indiana
    Your Bite Me flag was hanging at our meeting today and Mr. Xxxxxxx told me about you. I'm ordering stuff soon. Let me know when you might be getting some XL size Bite Me shirts in. God Bless the good citizens of Arizona. This Californian is with you. Thank you, Michael

Go Arizona! Texas is right behind you!
LT El Paso Texas

Thanks!... 48 more states to go!... ABM
To ' (email address disguised for privacy) that wrote in the comments calling Arizona Bite Me a liar concerning information on the home page, graphic copyright date, bootlegging the graphic for flags you are selling and leaving a fake email address to reply to. You didn't want an answer, you just wanted to call names. Yes, you had it in June, graphic was stolen in May and counterfiet flags made.
Please comment again with a REAL email address to reply to if you would really like an answer and not just name calling going on misinformation on your part. You know you did not design the graphic in June and you know it. Maybe you just swallowed what you were told from the bootleggers.
We have your answers and welcome your challenge to prove your statements. Otherwise.... BITE ME...  ABM

Copy of comment left:
..."This page is a lie. You had these flags copyrighted on August 7, 2010. We start selling them in July and had them in production 6 weeks before we started selling them. This is not your design otherwise you would have had them copyrighted long before hand. Just in case you want to know who sent you the email saying this web page is a lie here is my email."....
NOTE this is a fake email address... Mail returned as no such account
FYI: 'donna' in Florida... Graphic was copyrighted in APRIL, and is also Trademarked. Not only do you not know how to research, but making a fool of yourself to those that know. We all had a good laugh!... Thanks, ABM
Thank you for this! It's fantastic and tells it like most won't say. I'll wait for your coffee mugs. I want two. HURRY!!! Jan NM
"Hello fellow patriots in Arizona. Although I am not in Arizona when I saw the new state flag I laughed with happiness because it seemed so apropos. I want you to know that the rest of the USA is watching, applauding and sending emails and faxes and standing with you. I was beginning to feel hopeless about our country then suddenly Arizona stands up for our country and our rights as a people. What a thrill! I watched and asked myself "will Arizona back down?" Much to my delight Arizona stood even straighter and said "we double dog dare you". Your governor has steel in her spine and the man who wrote to California about the boycott and told him Arizona could cut off their electricity is our kind of patriot. Now I know what kind of people are in the old west. Hooray for Arizona. We from the Magnolia State of  Mississippi salute you!!"
 I think this is an awesome site! Dude, you rock! ...... WY
Thank you for the invite to your wonderful site and for including our organization as well! .....ATM AZ
In FULL support! Ohio
One heck of a flag but you need to give it a little bit with fangs hanging out maybe with a South of the border running long tailed scavenger Rat hanging from its mouth. ........ JIM NH
Hey anything we can do to help out! AZ
I like your design. You're using two familiar symbols (Arizona FLAG & Gadsden SNAKE) to get your message across and I think it'll do quite well, especially since much of the nation (and the world) are looking cusiously at Arizona's political stance with the SB1070. I think many outsiders are impressed with Arizonan's fight against the Obama Regime and I think many would buy your design, if nothing else but to show their commonality with Arizona taking on the Regime! Prescott AZ
You go man!!! Salome AZ
Thanks for the info… I will post your link near the Bite Me Flag.....
Tumbleweed AZ

There's nothing like the BITE ME flag. Short, sweet, and direct (attributes liberals despise!). AZ
Love it, love it, love it..... All too cool - RR,Williams Arizona
GREAT site hope everyone finds it! Nice job telling it like it is and straight forward. BD, Toledo OH
ABM: Thanks for the support!
"Would like to see 6x9 flags for motorcycles"
ABM: We are working on that right now for 'car flags'.. will be 8" x 12" and  10" x 18" with staff and trunk mount.. Check the site every once in a while or get on the announcement list by posting here requesting notification of new items.
I just got my shirts today and they are BRIGHT!!!! Know what it is at a distance. THANKS SO MUCH! We're behind you guys. DJ DallasTx
ABM: DJ Thanks for the support.
Can I get a deal on 25 bumper stickers for resale? What about shirts? TM Clovis NM
ABM: Sure! and I sent you costs for 25 stickers and shirt info plus postage to email address left here. Volume discounts are available on all items.
Justice will prevail, keep up the good work. My prayers are with you. Craig

Stickers are GREAT!..(exlpetive deleted) my neighbor off as soon as he saw it! Thanks! Ted Michigan
Just a howdy and I support Arizona it's a damm shame our troops have to be there in our own back yard.

************************************************* .
THANKS FOR THE SHIRTS AND THE STICKERS!!! They are GREAT! Keep up the fight and bless you. CM Maryland
I purchsaed a shirt. Keep up the fight... I will do my part at all costs to help in anyway!! Illegal is Illegal all over this Great Land, lets keep Fighting, Jan Rocks & so do YOU! LM New Jersey

Right on boys and girls - I can hardly think of anything better than to see about 1,000 people wearing these walking around an anti-SB1070 demonstration or an athletic event where there are thousands of people .... some of who say "Nice shirt!" or "Where'd you get that shirt?" 

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