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This site was formed to show support for the Arizona BUYcott and other groups that will help to secure the border and defend the assault on the Arizona SB1070 law and the citizens of Arizona by the federal government. Instead of the government taking action to help us to secure the border, the citizens of the state have come under attack by those who in the federal government are misrepresenting Arizona’s SB1070  immigration law, ignoring their duties to secure the international border, protect the Arizona citizens from illegal invasion and now trying to stop our law enforcements' effort to support the Rule of Law by tying their hands in enforcement. Arizonan citizens are coming under attack on daily basis with the lack of secured borders.

We’re asking citizens from across the United States to Stand Up In Support of Arizona and inform others of the need to secure the borders and make a purchase here for good causes. If we don't stop it here it will be in your town soon.

We consider the ABM flag design as an indication of the feeings of true Americans and the plight of Arizona citizens and citizens in other states along the US border to uphold the law against illegal immigration already on the books. Basically it's the feelings of citizens to the governements oppression....  "BITE ME", Arizonans will do it themselves!

The sunburst styling of the Arizona Flag and the coiled striking pose of the rattlesnake of the Gasden Flag, the symbol in the Fight For Freedom of the first patriots that gave birth to the 'Stars and Stripes' of today. The Arizona Gadsden Bite Me Flag, an 'in their face' message to the government that if you Tread On Arizona, we will bite you with organizing against you.

You are free to use the BITE ME logo as an icon or avatar on your social networks and blog sites in show of support for Arizona as long as NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE OR PERSONAL PROFIT AND GIVE CREDIT AND LINK GRAPHIC BACK to

Groups may contact us and we'll make arrangements for your use in a commercial group nature. For those who would like to work with us and have a cause intent on restoring sanity to the government and this country, you'll find that we are quite easy to work with.
For those willing to work with ABM, they will find that the amount will be very minimal. The profits will be used to maintain this web site, have more products manufactured and distributed, defend the Copyright/Trademark if need be and contributions made to other groups efforts such as:

Border Sheriffs
Stand With Arizona

 All items offered on this site are Arizona vended in Support of Arizona BUYcott

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